Minor Culture and Cognition

Naam Minor Culture and Cognition
Code MILET42
Faculteit Letteren
Omschrijving Have you ever wondered what it is that allows the human brain to create (a) culture? Or in what respect human cognition and culture might be different from those of other mammals and primates? This minor unveils the cognitive aspects of the human life, and follows the evolution of human cognition from its earliest forms to the modern mind.
It follows the interrelation between humans and their cultures, in learning how cultures were created by human cognition, and how, in turn, the culture shapes the cognition of its members. The courses are taught by teachers who are professional either in the study of culture or in the study of cognition.

The study of culture from a cognitive point of view is an evolving field in the modern academic world. There are many ways of studying the cognition of culture; the Groningen minor is unique in combining the neurological aspect with courses taught by experts in diverse cultural fields. The basic framework is the solid and comprehensive work of Merlin Donald, which is the center of the obligatory introductory course. This will then be elaborated on by a team of experts in cultural studies and professional neuro-scientists. The result is an exhaustive study program with a firm background in theories of cultural research, as well as focused emphasis on cultural phenomena.

In this minor, you will learn
  • How the human brain creates culture, and interacts with it.
  • What are the basic types of human cognition, and what are their manifestations in culture.
  • To recognize and analyze cognitive mechanisms behind cultural phenomena in the present as well as in the past.

Plan of Studies
Course title ECTS Period
The Evolution of Human Culture 10 Ia
The Human Brain: Basics in Neuroscience 5 Ia
Ritual and Beyond 5 Ib
Narratives We Live By 5 Ib
Rhetoric, Imagination, and Rationality 5 Ib

Duur (in jaren)
Niveau(s) universitaire minor
Voertaal Engels

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