Informatie over Facultaire Minor English Studies

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» Jaar 3 (English Linguistics)
semester I averplichtLET010P05English Linguistics: Sentence StructureEngels54
 verplichtLET021B05Linguistics: Language ChangeEngels54
 verplichtLEU044B05T&M 3: Taal LerenEngels54
semester I bverplichtLEO013B05Reading Early EnglishEngels54
 verplichtLET011P05Sound StructureEngels54
 verplichtLET022B05Linguistics: Meaning and UseEngels54

The courses of the track English Linguistics introduce you to the Linguistics of English, its structure and sounds, as well as the history and development of the English language in its older forms, semantics and language learning. This track is intended for students without any background in Linguistics, e.g. students from the BAs in American Studies; Arts, Culture and Media; History; IRIO; Communication Studies, et cetera.

This track is not for students of the BAs:
- Linguistic: see track English Literature;
- European Languages and Cultures: see Advanced Track;
- Dutch Language and Culture: see Advanced Track.

» Jaar 3 (English Literature)
semester I averplichtLEL007P05Making MeaningEngels54
 verplichtLEL008B05Shakespeare & Early Mod. Engl.LiteratureEngels54
 verplichtLEL024B05Crossing BordersEngels54
semester I bverplichtLEL010P05Knowledge and PowerEngels54
 verplichtLEV011P05EAP: CompositionEngels54
 keuzegroep ALEL025B05Neo-Victorian LiteratureEngels53
 keuzegroep ALEO013B05Reading Early EnglishEngels54

The track English Literature is intended for students without any background in Literary studies, e.g. from the BAs American Studies; History; IRIO; Communication Studies; et cetera.
You are introduced to the study of Literature, study highlights from the English Renaissance, and study more contemporary literature as well. In block 1b you can choose either Reading Early English (allowing you to study medieval English texts) or Neo-Victorian Literature.

This track is not for students from the BAs:
- European Languages and Cultures: see the Advanced Track;
- Dutch Language and Culture: see the Advanced Track.

» Jaar 3 (English Literature and Linguistics: Advanced Track)
semester I averplichtLEL008B05Shakespeare & Early Mod. Engl.LiteratureEngels54
 verplichtLEL024B05Crossing BordersEngels54
 verplichtLET021B05Linguistics: Language ChangeEngels54
semester I bverplichtLEL025B05Neo-Victorian LiteratureEngels53
 verplichtLEO013B05Reading Early EnglishEngels54
 verplichtLET022B05Linguistics: Meaning and UseEngels54

The English Literature and Linguistics: Advanced Track is in principle only for students with a background in linguistics and literature, e.g. from the BAs European Languages and Cultures; Dutch Language and Culture. If you are already familiar with the basics of studying linguistics or literature, this track will take you further into the literature and linguistics of English, both older and modern.

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