Informatie over MSc Applied Mathematics: Computational Mathematics

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»  MSc Applied Mathematics: Computational Mathematics
hele jaarverplichtWMMA001-15Internship Applied MathematicsEngels15
 verplichtWMMA901-35Master Research Project in Applied MathematicsEngels35
semester I averplichtWMMA012-05Computational fluid dynamicsEngels5
 verplichtWMMA057-05Iterative AlgorithmsEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMMA051-05Finite Element Methods and ApplicationsEngels5
 verplichtWMMA053-05Model Reduction for PDE (22/23)Engels5
 verplichtWMMA054-05Multiscale Numerical Methods (23/24)Engels5
semester II averplichtWMMA052-05Coupled Problems (22/23)Engels5
 verplichtWMMA013-05Mathematics and its EnvironmentEngels5
 verplichtWMMA055-05Numerical Bifurcation Analysis (23/24)Engels5
semester II bverplichtWMMA050-05Research Seminar in Applied MathematicsEngels5
 verplichtWMMA029-05Student ColloquiumEngels5

We encourage students to pick a specialization in stead of a track. The specializations give more, better and better aligned choices, and the tracks will be phased out in the next couple of years, so picking a specialization avoids having to switch later on. In the case of Computational Mathematics, the track and specialization are the same.

The track Computational Mathematics consists of:

  • The three common courses, shared with all Applied Mathematics students: Mathematics and its Environment; Student Colloquium; Research Seminar in Applied Mathematics
  • Master Research Project in Applied Mathematics (35 ECTS)
  • Internship Applied Mathematics (15 ECTS)
  • 35 ECTS of compulsory courses, mentioned above
  • 20-24 ECTS electives, of which 0-8 ECTS free choice (course units of Master level, relevant to Applied Mathematics, at the discretion of the Board of Examiners). The remaining ECTS must be chosen from:
- Mastermath courses: Numerical Linear Algebra, Parallel Algorithms, Discrete Optimization, Inverse Problems in Imaging
- Other relevant courses from the Mastermath programme (at the discretion of the Board of Examiners)
- Guided choice: option group A listed below
- Basiscursus Master Lerarenopleiding (TEM0105) and Masterstage 1 (TEM0205), which can only be followed together.

In 22/23, the biennial course Numerical Bifurcation Analysis (23/24) of 5 ECTS may be replaced by the Mastermath course Numerical Bifurcation Analysis of Large Systems (WMMA014-08) of 8 ECTS.

» Computational Mathematics: Guided choice
semester Ikeuzegroep AWMMA002-08Numerical Linear Algebra (MasterMath)Engels8
semester I akeuzegroep AWMMA015-05Contemporary Statistics with Applications (22/23)Engels5
semester I bkeuzegroep AWMME028-05Computational Solid MechanicsEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA058-05Data-based Analysis and Control (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMIE007-05Fitting Dynamical Models to DataEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMCS008-05Image ProcessingEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMAI010-05Machine LearningEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA007-05Modeling and identification (22/23)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMCS010-05Neural Networks and Computational IntelligenceEngels5
semester II akeuzegroep AWMMA020-05Modeling and Control of Complex Nonlinear Engineering SystemEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMCS017-05Scalable ComputingEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA024-05Statistical ConsultingEngels5
semester II bkeuzegroep AWMME011-05Data-driven OptimizationEngels5variabel
 keuzegroep AWMMA021-05Robust controlEngels5

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