Master's Internship Clinical Psychology

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Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode PSEMKI-10
Vaknaam Master's Internship Clinical Psychology
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode hele jaar

Uitgebreide vaknaam Master's Internship Clinical Psychology
Leerdoelen After the internship you can:
- Apply acquired academic knowledge regarding psychological treatment and/or psychodiagnostic assessment in a specific professional setting;
- Apply acquired (academic) skills regarding treatment and/or psychodiagnostic assessment in a specific professional setting;
- Reflect on and communicate bout ethical issues related to working as a psychologist;
- Report and reflect on assessment or treatment choices in individual cases
- Critically evaluate scientific results, insights or concepts obtained in practice;
- Use these insights gained in practice for questions regarding treatment or psychodiagnostic assessment;
- Work and cooperate effectively with others in a specific professional setting;
- Reflect on your own possibilities and limitations with regard to functioning as a psychologist;
- Further develop the acquired professional attitude.
Omschrijving During your internship in the master's you will get acquainted with a specific field of psychology that matches the master's track you followed. You will gain experience with the most common work performed by the psychologist in the relevant professional setting. In doing so, you will apply the academic knowledge and skills you have acquired so far and test the work against the academic frame of reference you have acquired during the programm.
A second important goal during the internship is to discover the possibilities and limitations in your functioning as a psychologist in the specific internship setting: how do you feel about working as a psychologist (in this specific setting) and what does that mean for your future?
In order to achieve your internship, at the end of your internship you must have gained insight into the most regular and simple activities in your internship setting by watching or carrying these activities out yourself.
Compulsory components during the internship for are the intervision meeting(s) with fellow interns during your internship period and the writing of an internship report.
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Onderwijsvorm stage
Toetsvorm deelname, stageverslag
(Apart from participation and an internship report, the assessment by your internship supervisor is taken into account.)
Vaksoort master
Docent(en) dr. E.C. Bennik ,drs. E.R. de Jong
Entreevoorwaarden Admission to the master track CP (Bachelor completed).
Have completed the skills course of your mastertrack with satisfactory results
Opmerkingen The internship procedure can be found on Nestor in the (pre) Practice placement area. Before you start your internship, you are expected to have gone through it and to comply with the rules described in it.
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