Master Thesis Environmental Psychology

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Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode PSEMET-20
Vaknaam Master Thesis Environmental Psychology
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode hele jaar

Uitgebreide vaknaam Master Thesis Environmental Psychology
Leerdoelen After having successfully completed the Master Thesis in Environmental Psychology, students are able to:
- apply theories in Environmental Psychology in order to formulate a research question, develop and conduct research and interpret the research findings;
- apply methodological knowledge to build an appropriate research design, to conduct the research, and to analyse the results;
- communicate about research by writing an individual report and by giving a research presentation;
- point out the theoretical and practical relevance of the conducted research.
Omschrijving The Master thesis is the end-product of the Master thesis project. It is an academic paper with clear communication that reports on scientific research conducted by the student individually, but it may also include a report of an internship. Through your Master thesis, you will be actively involved in all phases of research. You will choose a topic in Environmental Psychology, in agreement with the Master thesis supervisor, who is an expert in the field. The research may be conducted internally at the Psychology Department of the University of Groningen, or externally at another accredited institution (e.g., institution of an internship). The study load for a Master thesis is 30 EC credit points. When an internship is part of the graduation project and if a report of an internship forms part of the Master thesis, the study load of the Master thesis research will be at least 20 EC credit points. The Master thesis research and the writing of the Master’s thesis are directly supervised by a staff member. The Master thesis project must be initiated soon after the start of the Master year and the Master thesis must be finished within one year.
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Onderwijsvorm practicum
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(In addition to the quality of the Master thesis itself, the student’s accomplishments and behaviour during the Master thesis project are part of the grading (see the Master’s thesis assessment form).)
Vaksoort master
Coördinator dr. E. van der Werff, PhD.
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Ma psychologie (EN)  (Ma psychologie (Environmental Psychology) ) 1 hele jaar keuze