M&M Diversity Management

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode LHF051B10
Vaknaam M&M Diversity Management
Niveau(s) bachelor
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II
Rooster rooster.rug.nl

Uitgebreide vaknaam Minorities & Multilingualism Diversity Management
Leerdoelen Upon successful completion of the course unit, students are able to:

1. Recognise the main concepts and theories of intercultural communication as a field of studies, as well as the main characteristics of diversity management as a practice (1.1.) p

2. Analyse issues of cultural diversity and multilingualism using insights from different fields (intercultural communication, sociolinguistics, cultural studies) (1.6., 1.3.) p

3. Compose a medium length research report that lucidly conveys information about and analyses diversity management issues (4.1.) p

4. Compose both written and oral forms of communication (workshops, information sheets) that lucidly convey essential information about diversity management issues to diverse audiences in an appealing manner (4.1.) w

5. Critically assess diversity management issues and work through them in a creative manner (5.1) w

6. Design solutions for diversity management issues (5.2.) w

7. Set up a small research project in the field of intercultural communication and report on its findings (2.1.) p

8. Analyse issues of intercultural communication from an interdisciplinary perspective (1.1./6) p
Omschrijving This course introduces third year students in the M&M programme to the concept and associated techniques of diversity management. The focus is on linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as on the interplay of both in diversity management and intercultural communication, taking into account socio-economic considerations and relations of power. Throughout the course, we will explore examples of diversity management and how intercultural communication may take place in practice. These will include different types of workplace and various organisational situations.

Alongside academic reflection on diversity management as an object of study, using concepts, theories and notions from the field of intercultural communication, we will look for ways to apply this knowledge in a practical manner to contemporary issues that may be relevant in these domains.
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm werkcollege
Vaksoort bachelor jr 3
Coördinator dr. S.J. Moenandar, PhD.
Docent(en) S. Lee, PhD. ,dr. M. Mazzoli ,dr. S.J. Moenandar, PhD.
Opmerkingen Dit vak vervangt Intercultural Communication LHF048B10.
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Course units for exchange students 3 semester II verplicht
Ba Minorities & Multilingualism 3 semester II verplicht