English as a Lingua Franca

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode LET029B05
Vaknaam English as a Lingua Franca
Niveau(s) bachelor
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II a
Rooster rooster.rug.nl

Uitgebreide vaknaam English as a Lingua Franca
Leerdoelen After completion of this module, students will be able to:
- discuss formal aspects of English as a Lingua Franca, in contrast to English as an L1 and to various European mother tongues, with reference to relevant linguistic frameworks;
- discuss language-political aspects of the role of ELF in Europe;
- conduct questionnaire research in the area of ELF, and report on the results in writing
Omschrijving As a consequence of post-World War II globalisation, English has become the most widely spoken language in the world. Native speakers are easily outnumbered by non-native speakers, for whom English has become the default option for intercultural communication. At the same time, we see a political and cultural disengagement of the two major Anglophone nations, the United States and the United Kingdom, from the world stage. This necessitates us to review what English is, and what it does.

In this course we take a 'sociology of language' approach to the concept of English. We will engage critically with such notions as standard language and standard language ideology, correctness, the native speaker, varieties of (World) English, and linguistic imperialism. We will look at the influence of the international use of English on the form of the language, and on how the language is taught to language learners.

Additionally, we will develop more widely applicable active research skills by setting up and executing questionnaire-based research into language attitudes in the area of English as a Lingua Franca.
Uren per week 4
Onderwijsvorm werkcollege
Toetsvorm essay, schriftelijke opdracht(en)
Vaksoort bachelor jr 2
Coördinator dr. S.R.K.I. Gilbers
Docent(en) dr. S.R.K.I. Gilbers
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
Understanding English as a Lingua Franca (Oxford University Press, 2011) Barbara Seidlhofer 9780194375009 €  50,00
Entreevoorwaarden Toegang tot het tweede jaar, d.w.z. minimaal 45 ECTS behaald uit de propedeuse van de BA Engelse Taal en Cultuur. NB: Voor het collegejaar 2021-2022 geldt een norm van minimaal 35 ECTS.
Opmerkingen 80% aanwezigheidsplicht. Studenten worden geacht actief te participeren in alle werkcolleges en alle opdrachten buiten de colleges tijdig en correct uit te voeren.
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Course units for exchange students 2 semester II a keuze
Ba English Language and Culture 2 semester II a keuze