Sound Structure

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode LET011P05
Vaknaam Sound Structure
Niveau(s) propedeuse
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I b

Uitgebreide vaknaam English Linguistics: Sound Structure
Leerdoelen Explain in broad terms how sounds are produced in human language;
• describe the vowel and consonant phonemes of English and their principle allophones;
• give phonemic and phonetic transcriptions of words and short phrases in English;
• discuss characteristics of syllable structure and prosody in English;
• reflect in abstract terms on linguistic systems, in particular the sound system of English.
Omschrijving This course offers an introduction to the sounds of English, the most basic building blocks of the
language. We will look at how sounds are produced in the speaker's mouth, and how we can best
describe the differences between sounds. We will focus on the transcription of English sound systems, and will also consider how differences in sounds contribute to differences in meaning. Finally, we look at how sounds combine into syllables, and why some combinations of sounds are allowed in English and others are not.
Uren per week 4
Onderwijsvorm hoorcollege, werkcollege
Toetsvorm continue toetsing, digitale toetsing, schriftelijk tentamen, wekelijkse opdrachten
Vaksoort propedeuse
Coördinator dr. S.R.K.I. Gilbers
Docent(en) dr. S.R.K.I. Gilbers , A.C. Vaatstra, MA.
Entreevoorwaarden n.v.t.
Opmerkingen There is an attendance requirement of 80% for the seminars of this course. This module can be taken as an elective and/or Open Course Unit. Major students take precedence.
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Course units for exchange students 1 semester I b intr
Ba English Language and Culture 1 semester I b verplicht
Ba Open colleges Letteren - semester I b keuze
Facultaire Minor English Studies  (English Linguistics) 3 semester I b verplicht