Reading Seminar: Key Debates

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode LBA016B05
Vaknaam Reading Seminar: Key Debates
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I b

Uitgebreide vaknaam Reading Seminar: Key Debates in Development Studies
Leerdoelen Students should be able to review, contrast and discuss opposing approaches to a range of fundamental topics within development studies. They gain this ability by reading classical and key texts, engaging in seminar discussions to deepen their understanding of the material, by presenting their ideas about the readings and writing assignments.
Omschrijving The course is entirely based on discussion seminars (seminar groups of 20 students led by the lecturer) around three to five scholarly readings per week, thus providing the students with a lively and interactive context to sharpen their views on development issues. Following previous courses of the minor, where students are given an overview of Development Studies from the perspective of a specific academic discipline, the second half of the semester will privilege courses that deepen their understanding and require students to actively use and reflect on the knowledge they have acquired in the first half. This course complements the Topical Theme in Development course, which is an exploration of one specific topic through bibliographic research and paper-writing. The themes of the seminar are:
1) Questioning and contextualizing development;
2) Contrasting key development theories;
3) Development through the lens of economic modernization;
4) The role of geopolitics, civil society and social movements;
5) Social and cultural dimensions of development;
6) Environment, development and sustainability;
7) Contemporary approaches to development policies and practices.
Uren per week variabel
Onderwijsvorm werkcollege
Toetsvorm presentatie, referaat/spreekbeurt
(also short quizzes)
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator K. Byelova, MA. MSc.
Docent(en) K. Byelova, MA. MSc.
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
Selected readings
Entreevoorwaarden Reserved only for students of the Minor in Development Studies. Students must have followed and passed 2 of the 3 courses from semester 1a.
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BSc International Business/IB  (minor Development Studies) 3 semester I b keuze
Minor Development Studies 3 semester I b keuze