Religie, Media en Populaire Cultuur

Faculteit Godgeleerdheid en Godsdienstwetenschap
Jaar 2022/23
Vaknaam Religie, Media en Populaire Cultuur
Niveau(s) bachelor
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II a
ECTS 7.5

Uitgebreide vaknaam Religie, Media en Populaire Cultuur
Leerdoelen - Students will know how to apply semiotics discourse analysis and critical thinking in academic research on religion and culture.
- Students will be able to know different levels of interaction between religion, media and popular culture.
- Students will learn the impact of media and popular culture on lived religion, and the effects of the (re)presentation of religion in media on the society and in the public domain.
Omschrijving Please note: The course content will be slightly modified and the changes will be reflected as soon as possible.

The course will analyze different levels of interaction between religion, media and popular culture, in Western and Asian contexts. We will address especially the religious and cultural traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, and New Religious Movements, but will also consider briefly Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. The major forms of media and popular culture that will be looked at are manga, films, TV series, documentaries, games, advertising, social networking and the Internet.

Students will study concepts and theories such as media ’production’ and ‘reception’, ‘mediation’ and ‘mediatization’, ‘ethics’ and ‘aesthetics’; the double process of (1) the adoption of media by religious groups and (2) the adoption of religious imagery by secular media; the effects of media-translation/transmission of religious culture on the social understanding of religion; the effects of the interplay between religious culture and media on the media domain. These concepts and themes will be illustrated through case-studies.
Uren per week 6
Onderwijsvorm hoor-/werkcollege
Toetsvorm assignments, paper/presentation
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator Prof. Dr. C.K.M. von Stuckrad
Docent(en) Dr. E. Mucciarelli ,dr. M. van Dijk ,Prof. Dr. C.K.M. von Stuckrad
Entreevoorwaarden None
Opmerkingen Compulsory attendance in accordance with the Teaching & Examination Regulations applies to this module, 80 % attendance is compulsory.

“In the event of emergency situations and force majeur, such as societal lockdown, changes may need to be made to class schedules and assessment. Your lecturer will inform you of these changes as soon as possible, should such a situation arise.”

The course can be of interest to students in the Faculty of Arts (Dept. Media and Journalism). Course is open to students outside the Faculty; those students need to contact the course convener in order to see if their preparation can fit the class.

Oral Presentation - Critical analysis of one media example. Each presentation will last 45 minutes and will be organised and delivered weekly by a group of students (preferably three; the number will depend on students’ enrolment). Each group will have to prepare (1) a powerpoint and (2) a handout with the structure of their presentation, main points and eventual quotations, and the list of sources used.
Reading between the Lines - Students will select four items (either news article or advertising) from newspapers or other media platform and write a 500 word reflection paper on each of them. These short papers will be analyses of the religious elements present in the items, through application of theories and concepts studied during this course.
Research Paper - each student will have to submit a 3000 words research paper. Drafts of the papers will be submitted in advance in order to receive teachers’ feedback before the final submission.

Selected articles and book chapters will be provided at the beginning of the course

Students who follow this module within the minor Relgion, Ritual and Mythology will get 5 ECTS for an adjusted course unit (THB2-RMPC5)
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