Informatie over MSc Industrial Engineering and Management: Production Technology and Logistics

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» Jaar 1 (Production Technology and Logistics (PTL))
semester I averplichtWMIE002-05Foundations of Logistics Systems EngineeringEngels5
 verplichtWMIE005-05Robotics for IEMEngels5
 verplichtWMIE006-05Technology Based EntrepreneurshipEngels5
semester I bverplichtOptional moduleEngels5
 verplichtWMIE012-05Simulation of Logistic SystemsEngels5
 verplichtWMIE013-05Surface Engineering and Coating TechnologyEngels5
semester II averplichtWMIE015-05Analysis and control of smart systemsEngels5
 verplichtOptional moduleEngels5
 verplichtOptional moduleEngels5
semester II bverplichtOptional moduleEngels5
 verplichtWMIE020-05Sustainability for EngineersEngels5
 verplichtWMIE021-05Systems engineeringEngels5

The Masterprogramme IEM consists of 75 ECTS compulsory elements divided in:
- 20 ECTS core modules
- 25 ECTS Design Project IEM
- 30 ECTS Research Project IEM
and 45 ECTS trackspecific elements divided in:
- 25 ECTS trackspecific modules in either PTL (Production Technology Logistics) or PPT (Product and Process Technology)
- 20 ECTS optional modules; for more information how to choose these optional modules, see lists below.
Personal programmes deviating from this general structure are only possible upon approval of the Board of Examiners.

» Jaar 2
semester IverplichtWMIE901-25Master's Design ProjectEngels2540
semester I averplichtWMIE022-05Research Methodology (and Scientific Integrity)Engels5
semester IIverplichtWMIE901-30Master's Research ProjectEngels3040

- Before you may start your Design or Research Project you must have completed 45 ECTS of your 1st year Master's IEM programme (excluding Research Methodology for 5 ECTS).
- You have to start and pass Research Methodology, before you may start your Design or Research Project. The order of the Design and Research Project might be decided by yourself.
- Research Methodology will be offered two times a year at the start of each semester. RM is a four weeks full time course. The first course will start September 2020. The second course in February 2021.
- Scientific integrity is mo longer a seperate module, but will be scheduled as a part of Research Methodology. presence at the Scientific Integrity lecture (see timetable) is mandatory. Not attending the lecture will result in a Fail for this module, and consequently a Fail for the course Research Methodology.
- If you have passed Research Methodology, but still need to pass Scientific Integrity, please enroll in the Scientific Integrity Module of the programme Mechanical Engineering: WMME004-00

» Optional technical PTL modules
semester I aElective SSCAWBMA007-05Mathematical ModellingEngels5
 Elective APEWMIE003-05Product design by the Finite Element MethodEngels5
semester I bElective SSCAWBMA016-05Calculus of Variations and Optimal ControlEngels5
 Elective SSCAWMIE007-05Fitting dynamical models to dataEngels5
 Elective PLEWMIE009-05Game Theory with Engineering ApplicationsEngels5
 ELective APE/SSCAWMIE010-05MEMS, NEMS and NanofabricationEngels5variabel
 Elective APEWMIE011-05Multiscale Contact Mechanics and TribologyEngels5
semester II aElective SSCAWMIE014-05Advanced Digital and Hybrid Control SystemsEngels5
 Elective APEWMPH021-05Characterisation of MaterialsEngels5
 ELective APE/SSCAWMCE008-05Compressible flowsEngels5
 Elective APEWBPH037-05Device physicsEngels5
 Elective PLE/SSCAWMIE017-05Distributed Optimization in Engineering SystemsEngels5
 Elective APEWMPH023-05Mechanical PropertiesEngels5
 Elective SSCAWMMA020-05Modeling and Control of Complex Nonlinear Engineering SystemEngels5
 Elective APEWMIE003-05Product design by the Finite Element MethodEngels5
semester II bELective APE/SSCAWMCE013-05CFD for EngineersEngels5
 Elective PLE/SSCAWMME011-05Data-driven optimizationEngels5variabel
 Elective PLEWMIE019-05Introduction to Stochastic ProgrammingEngels5
 ELective APE/SSCAWBMA045-05Numerical Mathematics 1Engels5

Within the PTL-track you may choose between three combinations of optional modules, Advanced Production Engineering (APE), Smart Systems in Control and Automation (SSCA) and Production Logistics Engineering (PLE).
You should choose at least 15 ECTS technical modules of your choice, APE, SSCA or PLE. The remaining elective can be chosen from the list of optional technical modules or from the list of optional management modules.

Please note that it is not possible to schedule all potential combinations of compulsory courses and electives without overlap. Check the schedule as soon as is available to confirm that you can attend all lectures etc. in your preferred combination of courses.

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