Informatie over MSc Artificial Intelligence

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» A - General Mandatory Course Units
hele jaarverplichtWMAI901-45Final Research Project AIEngels45
semester I averplichtWMAI004-05Design of Multi-Agent SystemsEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMAI010-05Machine LearningEngels5
semester II averplichtWMAI017-05Deep LearningEngels5

Students in the Artificial Intelligence programme have to take a set of mandatory course units (A), choose a specialization (B) and fill the rest of their EC with elective course units. The list on Ocasys is a list of pre-approved electives (C).

The Artificial Intelligence programme has the following specializations:
- Computational Intelligence (CI)
- Robotics
- Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)

» B - Mandatory Course Units Computational Intelligence
semester I averplicht CIWMAI003-05Cognitive RoboticsEngels5
semester I bverplicht CIWMAI021-05Pattern RecognitionEngels5
semester II bverplicht CIWMAI019-05Handwriting RecognitionEngels5
» B - Mandatory Course Units Multi-Agent Systems
semester I averplicht MASWMAI001-05Arguing AgentsEngels5
semester II averplicht MASWMAI016-05Computational Social ChoiceEngels5
semester II bverplicht MASWMAI020-05Logical Aspects of Multi-agent SystemsEngels5
» B - Mandatory Course Units Robotics
semester I averplicht RoboticsWMAI003-05Cognitive RoboticsEngels5
semester I bverplicht RoboticsWMAI021-05Pattern RecognitionEngels5
 verplicht RoboticsWMAI011-05Robotics for AIEngels5
» C - Elective Course Units
semester Ikeuzevak 1)WMSE002-10Introduction Science and PolicyEngels1040
semester I akeuzevak 1)WMSE001-10Introduction Science and BusinessEngels10
 keuzeWMEC006-05Skills in Science CommunicationEngels5
 keuzeWMAI001-05Arguing AgentsEngels5
 keuzeWMBC002-05Auditory and Visual PerceptionEngels5
 keuzeWMCC001-05Cognitive EngineeringEngels5
 keuzeWMAI003-05Cognitive RoboticsEngels5
 keuzeWMCS002-05Introduction to Data ScienceEngels5
 keuzeWMCC003-05Language ModellingEngels5
 keuzeWMIE005-05Robotics for IEMEngels5
 keuzeLIX002M05Semantic Web TechnologyEngels54
 keuzeWMCC004-05User ModelsEngels5
 keuzeWMCS005-05Web and Cloud ComputingEngels5
semester I bkeuzeWMCS006-05Advanced Computer GraphicsEngels5
 keuzeWMCC006-05Cognitive Modelling: Basic Principles and MethodsEngels55
 keuzeLIX021M05Computational SemanticsEngels54
 keuzeWMCS010-05Neural Networks and Computational IntelligenceEngels5
 keuzeWMAI021-05Pattern RecognitionEngels5
 keuzeWMAI011-05Robotics for AIEngels5
 keuzeWMCS018-05Scientific VisualizationEngels5
semester II akeuzeWMCC007-05Applied Cognitive EngineeringEngels5
 keuzeWMAI013-05Auditory BiophysicsEngels5
 keuzeWMCC008-05Cognitive Modelling: Complex BehaviourEngels512
 keuzeWMCC009-05Computational Simulations of LanguageEngels5
 keuzeWMAI016-05Computational Social ChoiceEngels5
 keuzeWMCS015-05Computer VisionEngels5
 keuzeWMCS022-05Fundamentals of Distributed SystemsEngels5
 keuzeLIX001M05Natural Language ProcessingEngels54
semester II bkeuzeWMBY017-05Advanced self-organisation of social systemsEngels5
 keuzeWMCC010-05Computational Cognitive NeuroscienceEngels5
 keuzeWMAI019-05Handwriting RecognitionEngels5
 keuzeLIX025M05Language Technology ProjectEngels52
 keuzeWMAI020-05Logical Aspects of Multi-agent SystemsEngels5
 keuzeWMCC014-05Models of Human-Syntax ProcessingEngels5
 keuzeWMPH044-05Neuromorphic Circuit DesignEngels5

1) These courses will yield a maximum combined total of 10 EC.

PLEASE NOTE: Courses with a course code that starts with WMBY follow a course schedule which strongly differs from AI schedules. Make sure to address this in your planning. See:

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