Informatie over BSc Computing Science

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» Jaar 1
semester I averplichtWBCS003-05Imperative ProgrammingEngels5
 verplichtWBCS005-05Introduction to Computing ScienceEngels5
 verplichtWBCS030-05Introduction to Logic (CS)Engels5
semester I bverplichtWBCS036-05Calculus for Computing ScienceEngels5
 verplichtWBCS010-05Computer ArchitectureEngels5
 verplichtWBCS011-05Discrete StructuresEngels5
semester II averplichtWBCS018-05Algorithms and Data Structures in C (for CS)Engels5
 verplichtWBCS021-05Introduction to Information SystemsEngels5
 verplichtWBCS024-05Program CorrectnessEngels5
semester II bverplichtWBCS009-05Advanced Algorithms and Data StructuresEngels5
 verplichtWBCS037-05Linear Algebra and Multivariable CalculusEngels5
 verplichtWBCS028-05Object-Oriented ProgrammingEngels5
» Jaar 2
semester I averplichtWBCS001-05Advanced Object Oriented ProgrammingEngels5
 verplichtWBCS002-05Functional ProgrammingEngels5
semester I bverplichtWBCS012-05Problem Analysis and Software DesignEngels5
 verplichtWBAI016-05Signals and SystemsEngels5
 verplichtWBCS008-05Web EngineeringEngels5
semester IIverplichtWBCS017-10Software EngineeringEngels10
semester II averplichtWBCS020-05Computing Science: Ethical and Professional IssuesEngels5
 verplichtWBCS022-05Introduction to Scientific ComputingEngels5
semester II bverplichtWBCS027-05Languages and MachinesEngels5
 verplichtWBCS029-05Parallel ComputingEngels5
» Jaar 3 (Compulsory course units)
semester II averplichtWBCS019-05Computer GraphicsEngels5
 verplichtWBCS023-05Operating systemsEngels5
 verplichtWBCS026-05Research Skills in Computing ScienceEngels5
semester II bverplichtWBCS901-15Bachelor's projectEngels15

The major of 90 ECTS is compulsory for all Computing Science students. Next to the Major, the third year
consist of a Minor (first semester, 30 ECTS). A 'broadening' minor offered within other faculties or other
programmes within our faculty may be chosen (provided that the selected courses have been approved by the
Board of Examiners Computing Science), and/or students may choose one or more courses from the list of
optional electives for CS students, see below.

» Jaar 3 (Optional electives for CS students)
semester I akeuzeWBCS004-05Information SecurityEngels5
 keuzeWBCS032-05Introduction to Machine LearningEngels5
 keuzeWBCS031-05Network Centric SystemsEngels5
semester I bkeuzeWBCS034-05Programming in C++Engels5
 keuzeWBCS015-05Short programming projectEngels5
 keuzeWBCS016-05Software Language EngineeringEngels5
semester II akeuzeWBCS035-05Advanced programming in C++Engels5

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