Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2019/20
Vakcode WMMB14E001
Vaknaam Essay
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode hele jaar

Uitgebreide vaknaam Essay
Leerdoelen After the essay a student is, under limited supervision, able to:
a. formulate a scientifically sound question
b. find, select and interpret relevant scientific literature
c. organize and correctly interpret statements from references collected during the project
d. write a review on selected references
e. defend a well-defined position and conclusion
f. act in an ethical, scientific, professional fashion
Omschrijving The master's essay is a written discussion based on a scientific problem and an objective literature research. The student shows with the essay that he/she is able to take a scientific position based upon findings from a literature survey. Furthermore, he/she is able to present logical arguments in writing. Therefore, good writing skills are part of the assessment of the essay. The student will need to:
- Formulate a question in a scientifically sound manner;
- Perform a literature survey;
- Present findings and conclusions through a scientific text (size essay: 4500 - 6500 words, excluding the list of references);
- Take and justify an arguable position or vision.

The essay topic is set in consultation between student and supervisor. The information is acquired by means of a literature survey, which entails making the best possible selection from the sometimes overwhelming quantity of sources and data. The student, must then distil this into a comprehensible account at an appropriate academic level. The essay should be aimed at the beginners’ level of fellow master students. The report should have sufficient depth and should be up-to-date. Detailed instructions about the essay can be found in the guidelines section of the study guide or at the student portal.
Uren per week
(Students work under limited supervision.)
Vaksoort master
Opmerkingen Assessment
(1)Management of essay, (2) Scientific quality of content and (3) report are assessed. Usually the relative contribution to the final grade is 30%, 40%, 30%, respectively. The relative contribution to the final grade can only be different when communicated at the start of the project.
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MSc Marine Biology: Research  ( Track Research) - hele jaar verplicht