Student Seminar Quantum Universe

Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode WMPH039-05
Vaknaam Student Seminar Quantum Universe
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II b

Uitgebreide vaknaam Student Seminar Quantum Universe
Leerdoelen Based on expected new and important developments in cosmology, astroparticle and particle physics-- in which also several researchers of the Van Swinderen Institute (VSI), the Kapteyn Institute and KVI- Center for Advanced Research Technology (KVI-CART) are involved -- the student seminar has been set up with the intention of offering an introduction to several advanced topics of large present-day interest in these areas. Of particular interest are the connection between the physics at the smallest scales and that of the very largest scales in the Cosmos. The input of the three institutes will guarantee a unique multi-disciplinary character for the seminar lectures.
The development of academic skills is also an important goal of this course.

Upon completion of this course, the student is able to:
- search the literature for relevant and representative papers on the assigned subject;
- summarize a recent article on front-line research in an educational manner;
- demonstrate a solid understanding of the most important recent ground-breaking results in the fields of cosmology/astro/particle physics, both during his/her own presentation as well as by asking questions during others;
- give a pedagogical presentation to the rest of the group, making good use of presentation techniques and explaining the context and matter in a comprehensible way;
- participate actively and critically during presentations by formulating relevant and inspiring questions.
Omschrijving During the first part of the course each student is assigned a chapter from one of the basic text books. In addition the work of a closely related article is presented. The other students are required to participate actively by asking questions.
In the second half each student is assigned a presentation given at one of the recent Quantum Universe Meetings. The students are requested to explain the subject material to their peers in a presentation. Thorough (literature)research on the assigned topic is part of the preparation.
All presentations are prepared in close consultation with one of the coordinators.
The students are required to participate actively during the presentations by asking questions.

A flavour of the subjects that may be adressed are: inflation (both theory and signature), baryosynthesis and matter-antimatter asymmetry, string cosmology and quantum cosmology, cosmic strings and topological singularities, dark matter (astronomical observations, experiments, theories), primordial synthesis(e.g. the Li problem), the cosmic microwave background (anisotropies, experiments, observations, probe of inflation),dark energy (experiments, snia observations, baryonic acoustic fluctuations, gravitational lensing), dark energy (theories), gravitational waves, cosmological structure formation and the Cosmic Web, reionization and the first stars and galaxies, the intergalactic medium (Lya forest, WHIM, ...), cosmic rays, cosmic neutrinos, LHC and other accelerator physics, precision measurements of fundamental properties and constants, searches for rare events and permanent electric dipole moments, most accurate specific tests of the Standard Model
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm Bijeenkomst (S), Opdracht (ASM)
(The scientific level of the presentations as well as their didactic levels are evaluated. The level of active participation of the students during the course is part of the evaluation criteria. Based on these assessments the student will be graded with a pass or fail. Mandatory attendance.)
Toetsvorm Presentatie (P)
(Students must participate actively in the seminar meetings, and give oral presentations about the results of their literature research.)
Vaksoort master
Coördinator prof. dr. K.H.K.J. Jungmann
Docent(en) prof. dr. P. Dayal ,prof. dr. K.H.K.J. Jungmann ,PhD. P.D. Meerburg ,PhD. M. Vecchi
Verplichte literatuur
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For most part this course will be based on research papers.
Entreevoorwaarden At least one of the following courses: General Relativity, Subatomic Physics, and/or Cosmology. We will suppose acquaintance with basic cosmological concepts.
Opmerkingen This course is a core course of the Quantum Universe master profile.

This course was registered last year with course code NASSC-09
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