Physics of Lasers

Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode WMPH027-05
Vaknaam Physics of Lasers
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II a

Uitgebreide vaknaam Physics of Lasers
Leerdoelen At the end of the course, the student is able to:

1. describe the main concepts and principles of lasers, and to discuss those concepts and principles in the context of a specific laser system;
2. calculate key parameters of lasers;
3. analyse rate equations and to derive conditions for stable laser action;
4. assess the suitability of the main laser components for stable laser action;
5. translate and apply knowledge from the lectures to construct and align a Helium-Neon laser system and to investigate its main properties.
Omschrijving The aim of this course is to introduce into main concepts, principles, and theoretical treatments of lasers. The main components of laser systems will be introduced and their properties will be discussed. During the practical part of this course, students construct and align a Helium-Neon laser system, and investigate its main properties.

Course content: History of lasers - Characteristic properties of lasers - Coherence of light - Light-matter interaction - Rate equations - population inversion - Optical resonators - Stability criterion - Quality factor - Q-switching
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm Hoorcollege (LC), Practisch werk (PRC)
(16 LC, 24 PRC, 100 self-study)
Toetsvorm Practisch werk (PR), Schriftelijk tentamen (WE)
Vaksoort master
Coördinator Prof. Dr. R.M. Hildner
Docent(en) Prof. Dr. R.M. Hildner
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
Introduction to Laser Physics, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1986 K.Shimoda
Entreevoorwaarden The course unit assumes prior knowledge acquired at the Masters level in physic and chemistry.
Opmerkingen This course will be removed from the chemistry curriculum but move to Physics.

This course was registered last year with course code WMPH17001
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