The Quantum World

Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2019/20
Vakcode WBPH17005
Vaknaam The Quantum World
Niveau(s) universitaire minor
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I a

Uitgebreide vaknaam The Quantum World
Leerdoelen At the end of this module the student has a conceptual understanding of quantum mechanics. S/he understands the covered applications and can extrapolate these to other phenomena.
Omschrijving In this module we enter the strange quantum world, where particles behave like waves, can tunnel through barriers, appear to be in multiple places at the same time, pop up out of nowhere and disappear quickly again, and in a ghostly way appear to influence each other at large distances. We cover some important technological applications of quantum physics, such as quantum cryptography, and we look forward to the first quantum computer.

1. Particles and waves
2. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
3. Tunneling
4. How is Schrödinger’s cat doing?
5. Quantum jumps and the atom
6. Antimatter and the vacuum
7. Entanglement, the EPR paradox, and Bell’s theorem
8. Towards a quantum computer
9. Quantum cryptography
Uren per week
Toetsvorm Opdracht (AST)
(Weekly assignments (12.5% each))
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator prof. dr. R.G.E. Timmermans
Docent(en) prof. dr. R.G.E. Timmermans
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
The New Quantum Universe; 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, 2003 Tony Hey & Patrick Walters 9780521564571 ca. €  50,00
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BSc Courses for Exchange Students: Astronomy, Physics & Applied Physics - semester I a Physics / Applied Physics
Minor Einstein's Physics: Space-time and Parallel Worlds - semester I a verplicht