The Cell, a Practical Approach

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Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode WBFA010-03
Vaknaam The Cell, a Practical Approach
Niveau(s) propedeuse
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I a

Uitgebreide vaknaam The Cell, a Practical Approach
Leerdoelen At the end of the course, the student is able to:
1) understand and integrate the importance of cellular and genetic processes for living organisms, as related to those described in the lectures of the courses Molecular Biology of the Cell 1 and 2, and Genetics;
2) understand and perform basic experiments within the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics;
3) keep track of the experiments by correctly noting in a lab notebook;
4) write a report on the performed experiments according to the IMRD model (introduction; method and materials; results; and discussion).
Omschrijving Two, or by exception three, students will form a team to perform experiments in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics. Some techniques are: bacterial production of a biopharmaceutical; protein purification; testing of biopharmaceutical on cancer cells; measuring the enzymatic activity of a beta-lactamase; SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; restriction analysis of DNA/plasmids; transfection of eukaryotic cells; isolation of buccal epithelial cells; PCR; microscopy.
To perform these experiments, the students will use an inquiry based lab education software ( under guidance of assistants. During the practical, each student will keep track of his/her work in a lab notebook. This notebook can and will be controlled by an assistant. After the first practical week, each student will hand in a concept of a report on the performed experiments. The assistants will give comments and advice, but not grade this version. The final report, incorporating these comments, will be graded on: completeness; clarity; critical and logical analysis of data; formulation and conclusions.
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm Practisch werk (PRC)
(2 hrs lectures, 60 hrs practical)
Toetsvorm Practisch werk (PR), Verslag (R)
(Students are graded with a Rubric form, scoring their skills concerning: preparation; quality of lab notebook and lab certificates; practical skills; behaviour; and comprehension. Scoring on these items will be followed scrutinously during the practical. Students can be expelled from the practical if not reacting to warnings of the assistants. This scoring Rubric will count for 60% of the end grade of the practical, the remaining 40% comes from the grade for the report. The final grade will have to be at least 5.5 in order to pass the practical.)
Vaksoort propedeuse
Coördinator prof. dr. G.J. Poelarends
Docent(en) dr. R.H. Cool
Opmerkingen Course capacity: max. 200 Adapted 251121 LW
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BSc Farmacie  (hoofdprogramma) 1 semester I a verplicht