Informatie over MSc Mechanical Engineering: Smart and Green Energy Systems

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» Jaar 1 (Compulsory Courses)
semester I averplichtWMME029-05Electrochemical Systems and EngineeringEngels5
 verplichtWMME027-05Introduction to Data ScienceEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMME028-05Computational Solid MechanicsEngels5
 verplichtWMME018-05Thermodynamics of Energy ConversionEngels5
semester II bverplichtWMCE012-05Advanced Process and Energy TechnologiesEngels5
 verplichtWMME012-05Experimental DesignEngels5

In September and February, the Scientific Integrity Module is offered. Passing this module is a mandatory requirement to be able to start the Research or Design Project. It is therefore advisable to follow the module in the first year of the Master. The module is scheduled under the code WMME004-00 and is available for students from the MSc programmes ME and IEM.
You do not have to register in Progress for this module. Attendance results in a passing mark.

» Jaar 1 (Courses in Business, Management, and Society)
semester I akeuzeWMIE006-05Technology Based EntrepreneurshipEngels5
semester II akeuzeWMEE008-05Global ChangeEngels5
semester II bkeuzeWMIE027-05Sustainable Industrial PracticeEngels5

Each student is required to choose at least one course of 5 ECTS from the courses in Business, Management, and Society.

» Jaar 1 (Electives)
semester I aoption group AWMCE003-05Interfacial engineeringEngels5
 option group BWMME009-05Multibody and Non-Linear DynamicsEngels5
semester I bkeuzegroep A/BWMIE029-05Engineering Design IntegrationEngels5
 option group BWMMA051-05Finite Element Methods and ApplicationsEngels5
 option group AWMME020-05MicrofluidicsEngels5
 option group BWMCH011-05Photovoltaics Science and EnergyEngels5
 option group BWMIE013-05Surface Engineering and Coating TechnologyEngels5
semester II aoption group BWMME030-05Advanced VibrationEngels5
 option group BWMIE015-05Analysis and Control of Smart SystemsEngels5
 option group B*WMMA052-05Coupled Problems (22/23)Engels5
 option group AWMME019-05Hydrogen, Fuels and ElectrolysersEngels5
 option group BWMMA020-05Modeling and Control of Complex Nonlinear Engineering SystemEngels5
 option group AWMEE016-05Processes Energy and Materials ModelingEngels5
 option group AWMCH029-05Sustainable Electric Energy StorageEngels5
semester II boption group BWMME033-05Capita Selecta in Ocean EnergyEngels5
 option group AWMME023-05Fracture of MaterialsEngels5
 option group AWMEE015-05Fuel Cell SystemsEngels5
 option group BWMIE021-05Systems EngineeringEngels5

Courses in Option Group A are courses in Processes and Electrochemical Systems.
Courses in Option Group B are courses in Renewable Energy Systems.
*The course Finite Element Methods and Applications is a pre-requisite to take Coupled Problems. Moreover, take into account that it is possible that Coupled Problems overlaps with activities of other electives.

» Jaar 2
hele jaarverplichtWMME901-20Master Design ProjectEngels20
 verplichtWMME902-40Master Research ProjectEngels40

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