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Looking back: ECR Lunch on Engaging in Outreach

09 January 2018
Summary of Outreach Resources for Academic Early Career Researchers

  • Slides from the ECR Lunch: Engaging in Outreach
  • Discussion points: How do you get started developing outreach activities?
  • Future plans: How can you get involved in King’s Day and other YAG-led outreach activities
  • Contact the YAG or Sonja Pyott if you would like to be more involved in outreach within the Young Academy.

ECR Lunch: Engaging in Outreach

On December 7, 2017, the Young Academy hosted a very successful ECR Lunch on engaging in outreach. The goal of this lunch was to discuss the importance of outreach, review best practices and tips and tricks for preparing outreach programs, and finally brainstorm with other ECR’s about specific activities to bring our research to the public. These outreach events will be part of upcoming YAG-led outreach activities, including King’s Day events held in Groningen on April 27, 2018.

To help with the discussion and activities, Arjen Dijkstra and his team gave an overview of outreach activities and support within the University. He and his team also worked with ECR’s in small groups to provide feedback and help with brainstorming.

After working in small groups, ideas for outreach activities were shared. It was great to see which creative ways were developed to share complex research in educational, engaging and entertaining ways!

Engaging in Outreach
Engaging in Outreach

Discussion points: How do you get started developing outreach activities?

  • When preparing outreach activities, think first about your passion in science. What is it that you would like to convey? What would you like others to learn and experience?
  • Define your target audience. How much background knowledge will they have? How long is their attention span?
  • Team up with experienced professionals (via Arjen’s team) and do this early, so that they can be involved in the development of the activity.
  • Start with small (low commitment) outreach activities to develop content and build confidence delivering that content.

Future plans: How can you get involved in King’s Day and other YAG-led outreach activities?

  • Consider the content and format of your activity and what resources you may need to make them effective
  • Attend the next YAG-organized event to further develop and finalize content for King’s day events. This will be in January 2018 and announced via email and online.
  • Remember that this content does not need to be developed exclusively for King’s Day! There are plenty of other YAG-led outreach events planned after King’s Day. If you would like to be involved and/or have suggestions for events, please let the YAG know!
Engaging in Outreach
Engaging in Outreach
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