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UG first Dutch university to join RED-INTER-ES network

12 June 2017
The University of Groningen has established an agreement with the Scientific-Academic International Cooperation Network called RED-INTER-ES. On 11 May 2017 University President Prof. Dr. Sibrand Poppema and Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia (Chair European Culture and Literature) signed a license agreement to start the collaboration.

RED-INTERES-ES network consists of top universities with departments or areas in Spanish culture, literature and language. The University of Groningen is the first university in the Netherlands to join this international network and has now placed itself amongst leading universities in the field of Spanish culture, literature and language research and teaching worldwide.

The aim of the INTER-ES network is to contribute to the institutional development of the partneruniversities (University of Oxford, UNAM, Université Sorbonne, Universidad de Salamanca, among others)and to promote academic exchange, dissemination of activities and research related to the Spanish culture, literature and language. In addition the Network will establish collaborations and information systems within the consortium to promote research and educational excellence. The network increases mobility for researchers and teaching staff, it fosters the creation of joint degree programmes and the development of international projects and grant applications.

University President Prof. Dr. Sibrand Poppema and Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia
University President Prof. Dr. Sibrand Poppema and Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia
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