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Call for three FEB Nominees for the GUF-100 Awards of the UG

13 April 2017

Every year the GUF-100 Awards are awarded to one student of each UG faculty. This is a grant of € 2500,- offered by the Groningen University Fund - which can be used for study or research. A faculty nominates three students and a UG jury will elect the award winners. To nominate the right student, we need your nomination!

Aart Bosman Student Excellence Award: The Aart Bosman Student Excellence Award has been awarded in 2009 for the first time to celebrate the start of the UG Honours College, by the Ubbo Emmius Fund and also amounts to €2500,-. The Award is yearly given to one of the winners of the GUF-100 Awards.

Three Nominees from FEB: three students can be nominated by: a) others students, or b) staff: lecturers, programme directors etcetera, or c) the student her-/himself.

Criteria for the GUF-100 Awards:

1           Good exam results and enrolled in BSc-3 or MSc

2           Excellence on a personal, study and/or societal level, for example illustrated by:

a           Participation in extracurricular activities like summer schools and masterclasses

b           Governance-experience or a student governance year (inside or outside university)

c           Participation in the UG Honours Programme

d           Commitment to academic research or publishing a journal article

e           Other, i.e.: ...

Nomination: Please send the nomination to a. van arragon, management secretary Faculty Board, before 26 April 2017, including the student's name, S Number, programme, and concise motivation of the nomination, based on criteria a - e. The nomination will be assessed by a jury consisting of Eva van der Wal (student assessor FB), Carien Mulder (chair of QUEST), Jan Riezebos (professor of educational innovation) and Alie van Arragon.

Last modified:13 April 2017 4.22 p.m.

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