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GIA obtainsNWO grant for research eruption of Mount Vesuvius

16 January 2015

Around 1995 BC, during the Early Bronze Age, a giant eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried a flourishing landscape of villages and fields in the plains to the north and east of the volcano under more than a meter of ash. Inhabitants of Campanian sites such as Nola (‘the Bronze Age Pompeii’) barely escaped with their lives. Italian archaeological research since the 1980s has already shown that the population of the Campanian plain did not fully recover for several centuries after this so-called ‘Avellino Event’, but no one has yet wondered where the substantial Early Bronze Age population of Campania could have sought refuge, or what impacts it would have had there.

Researchers dr. Martijn van Leusen and Prof. Peter Attema of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology receive € 750.000 to carry out an interdisciplinary research into the cultural and demographic effects of the disastrous event. Their hypothesis is that given the topography of central-southern Italy, the most likely refuge area will have been to the north, in the coastal zone of what is now South Lazio. Here, two wetland coastal plains – the Fondi basin and the Agro Pontino - could have provided the space and resources to absorb the fleeing population. The research team consisting of three postdoctoral researchers and two assistants, will be hosted at the Groningen Institute of Archaeology and the Archaeobotany department of the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.

This news has also been published in Dutch.

People fleeing from Mount Sinabong, Indonesia
People fleeing from Mount Sinabong, Indonesia
Household items left behind in the Bronze Age village of Nola
Household items left behind in the Bronze Age village of Nola
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