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90, November 2014

05 December 2014

University Council Newsletter, edition 90, Meeting 208, November 2014

Agenda items of the latest UCouncil meeting
1. Summer schools
2. RUG 400 for infinity
RUG  Research data policy
5. Presidium

1. Summer schools
In the coming years, the RUG will continue to dedicate time and effort to organising the summer schools. These brief programmes will run during the summer holidays. The main aim of the programmes is to promote the RUG amongst international students so that they familiarise themselves with the varied educational courses on offer at the RUG. It is expected that international students, having gone to the summer school,  will decide sooner  to follow a full-time programme at the University. This way the objective of ‘the international classroom’ will be one step closer. The Faculties will have a large say in the design of the summer schools. The UCouncil noted that better promotion of these programmes is necessary to make them better known amongst the students. At the same time, the UCouncil is predominantly positive about the summer schools.

2. RUG 400 for infinity
Last summer we celebrated our 400th birthday. A memorable year packed with festivities  for various target groups. In November the UCouncil discussed the final report of this celebration.  This report showed how the organisation of the Anniversary carried out its work, which parties were involved, what the objectives were and how much it all cost.
In addition, the document contains some recommendations for future anniversaries.
The UCouncil is positive about the course of the event and the final report. It is good to see that not only education is evaluated but also celebrations such as these.  The entire celebration has cost about 2.7 million euros of which the large half was contributed by sponsors, funds and governments, and other sources of income. The target for the acquisition of external funds has been achieved for 82.5%. The UCouncil is also very positive about this, of course, in the knowledge that direct costs can be weighed easier than indirect benefits.

The Board had a research carried out by the Scottish company BiGGAR into the economic significance of the RUG and the UMCG for the North. The conclusions of the report make us believe that it is enormous. BiGGAR calculated a multiplier effect of 4.80 on employment. That presupposes that each invested euro in the RUG yields € 4.80. The UCouncil was not entirely convinced by the report and will accept the invitation by Jan de Jeu to enter into a discussion with BiGGAR on the methodology used. Apart from the impact of the multiplier Mr. Poppema argued that a comparison of economic development is best made by using one method. The fact that BiGGAR was funded by the RUG made a number of members seriously doubt the independence of the research. Follow the UCouncil and in due time we will announce the result of the method battle.

4. RUG  Research data policy
Following the recent cases of fraud a number of general rules for data management have been included in the VSNU Code of Behaviour for Science (2014). Verifiability is a requirement when publishing research results. Society has a right to know:

a)      The bases of the data and conclusions;

b)      where they are derived from and

c)       where they can be verified.

Regulating storage and management of the research data is, due to the large differences between the disciplines in the own SEP institute and/or Faculty described in the Research Data Management Plan (RDMP). The Faculty outlines the frameworks. Each researcher, as part of his/her research, has a duty to ensure that the data are there. This is not new!  The person who cannot show data used to be and still is prima facie guilty! Careful data management of research data is seen as the joint responsibility of the RUG.  The university world is now catching up in this area. The Board is providing assistance to the researcher.  The Library, the CIT and the  ABJZ and  R&V  Departments of the University will establish, to support the researcher, a Research Data Office (RDO).  Mr.  Poppema adds that  are no extra fte’s  for this policy.

5. Presidium
The end of the calendar year is approaching and that is noticeable.  We are seeing more and more evaluations, annual reports and year plans.  This is a reminder of how big this University is.  Yet, these documents are not the biggest reminder of this fact. That has to be the budget on the agenda in December.  €692 million Euros will be spent next year and this makes the coming month a party for born economists and number crunchers. This, of course, does not mean, that there is not something for everyone.  For instance, we will discuss the past and future of Health & Safety and Environment, we reflect on the introduction periods of student societies using the annual report of the Advisory Committee Introduction and we will give advice on the institutional fees for 2015.

The fact that the Council meetings are scheduled as early as the first two weeks this month will make it into a hectic period. A period where we will voice ideas to our heart’s content!

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Disclaimer: The text above is an impression of topics discussed in the UC and should not be regarded as official statements with regard to decisions taken in the UC.

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