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Olga Bondarenko received her PhD cum laude!

08 September 2014

On Friday 5 September 2014, Olga Bondarenko, Ph.D. student of the Nuclear and Hadron physics group at KVI-CART, defended successfully her thesis entitled “Isospin-Suppressed Charmonium Transitions below the Open-Charm Threshold”. Her work obtained a cum laude degree, and is, thereby, recognized to be within the top 5%!"

Isospin-Suppressed Charmonium Transitions below the Open-Charm Threshold

The mass of visible matter stems from the building blocks of atomic nuclei, namely protons and neutrons. They are a subclass of so-called "hadrons": matter that is made out of quarks of different “flavors” (up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom) and bound together by the strong force. Until very recently, only hadrons were found that are composed of either three quarks (baryons) or pairs of a quark and an antiquark (mesons). In the last decade, a whole new class of unconventional hadrons was discovered whose nature remains a mystery.
Symmetries play a fundamental role in our understanding of the structure of matter. In the case of hadrons, "isospin" is considered to be a good symmetry as a consequence of the flavor independence of the strong interaction. Signals that reveal a breaking of isospin are sensitive probes that potentially reveal the secrets of the unconventional nature of hadrons. This thesis is dedicated to a systematic study of isospin-breaking transitions in charmonium, a meson composed of a charm and an anti-charm quark pair. Charmonium was discovered 40 years ago and serves as a clean environment to observe and to interpret isospin-breaking mechanisms. Data were harvested at the electron-positron collider in Beijing, China. The results presented in this work are an important input to state-of-the-art calculations that are presently in development and are derived from the generally accepted theory of the strong interaction, the Quantum Chromodynamics.
Olga Bondarenko received her PhD with cum laude
Olga Bondarenko received her PhD with cum laude
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