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Call for papers: Market Integration -The EU experience and implications for regulatory reform in China

12 May 2014

1. Title

Market Integration: The EU experience and implications for regulatory reform in China

2. Organizers

This will be a joint seminar organized by the Center for Law and Economics of the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), where the seminar will also be organized, in collaboration with the Maastricht European Institute for Transnational Legal Research (METRO) and the Law and Economics department of Groningen University.

3. Date

The provisional date for the seminar is Monday, 12 May 2014, the entire day.

4. Goal

The workshop will be based on a research project submitted to the China-EU School of Law (CESL). This research project has a focus on market integration, the role of administrative monopolies, and the relation between public regulation and self-regulation. The contributions presented and discussed at the workshop will lead to the publication of a book.

Economic theory suggests that the integration of similar national or regional markets generally leads to (more) economic growth and societal prosperity. Building upon the EU's experience with market integration, we aim to unravel the role competition law and self-regulation can play in the ongoing regulatory reform process in unleashing more economic prosperity in China. By taking an interdisciplinary (Law and Economics) and Comparative law (China and EU) approach, we aim to analyze at least the following two impediments to market integration:

1) Government intervention in markets impacts competition on the merits and thereby obstructs trade flows in China. Government action can take the form of (a) administrative monopolies or (b) local support measures for the industry. The application of both administrative law and competition law to administrative 3 monopolies should be addressed, unraveling the pros and cons of these two approaches.

2) Whether and if so how the virtues of self-regulation can be combined with a competitive environment, also in the particular case of China, in order to overcome obstacles to market integration and to provide stimuli for economic growth. Particularly interesting is the case of professional regulation (such as lawyers and accountants).

Contributions to the conference can deal with one or more of the following topics:

 Market integration

 Competition law

 Regulated industries and Administrative law

 Economic Analysis of (Self-) Regulation

 Regulation of Professions

5. Call for papers

We invite scholars to submit an abstract with a proposal for a paper which can be presented at the seminar on 12.5.2013. The proposed paper should be explained in abstract of one page with a proposed table of contents and should in some way contribute to the goal of the seminar as explained above (4). Abstracts are to be sent to the following addresses:, and at the latest by 20.03.2014. Acceptance of papers and a preliminary program will be communicated by the beginning of April 2014.

6. Academic responsibility

The conference program will be prepared by:

- Dr. Niels Philipsen

Maastricht University, Faculty of Law

METRO PO BOX 616, 6200 MD Maastricht 4

The Netherlands

- Dr. Stefan Weishaar

Groningen University, Faculty of Law

Department of Law and Economics

PO Box 716, 9700 AS Groningen

The Netherlands


- Dr. Guangdong Xu

Center for Law and Economics

China University of Political Science and Law

No. 25, West Tucheng Road,

Haidian District, Beijing

P.R. China, 100088

E-mail: 5

7. Publication

Presenters are asked to provide a written presentation at the latest by 1.5.2014. The organizers will look for possibilities to publish the proceedings of the seminar in the form of a book with an international publisher; further announcements on that issue will follow.

8. Paper required

Given the goal of publication, as mentioned above, all presenters are requested to have a written paper in English of a level which is suitable for publication.

9. Language

Given the fact that several non-Chinese will participate, the common language for the seminar will be English. This not only means that papers are expected to be in English, but also discussions will take place in the English language in order to have a good debate and communication between the participants.

10. Preliminary Program

A few experts working specifically on the domains of market integration and economics of regulation will be invited by the organizers to submit papers; all others interested are requested on the basis of this call for papers to submit proposals at the latest by 20.3.2014. On that basis, a preliminary program will be drafted together with the acceptance of papers by the beginning of April 2014.

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