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Science without Borders Visiting Researcher grant in Microbial Ecology

18 september 2013

Prof. dr. Jan Dirk van Elsas of the Department of Microbial Ecology/University of Groningen has been awarded a Special Visiting Researcher grant for collaboration with his colleagues Prof. dr. Alexandre Soares Rosado, of Instituto de Microbiologia Paulo de Góes, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ and Prof. Dr. Fernando Dini Andreote, of Departamento de Ciência do Solo, ESALQ/USP, Sao Paulo. Prof. van Elsas will develop research and teaching activities with his partners in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Over the next three years, Prof. van Elsas will spend one to three months in Brazil every year to further develop different research and teaching activities. An additional number of PhD and postdoctoral visits is foreseen, as well as that bench fees will be made available. Their collaboration particularly aims to create synergies in research on microbial communities that emerge in degrading biowaste, as well as their interactions. Research in this field makes important contributions to the development of both the Brazilian and Dutch bio-based economy.

Science without Borders is a large investment in the Brazilian knowledge economy. The program was launched in 2011 to award 100,000 scholarships for Brazilian undergraduates, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers over a period of four years. The modality for Visiting Researchers is to attract renowned foreign academics to Brazil to strengthen institutional collaboration and import expert knowledge.

The University of Groningen considers is of strategic importance to foster institutional research collaboration with Brazilian partners. Since 2012, four other Visiting Researcher Grants have been awarded to improve cooperation between Groningen and Brazil: Prof. Truuske de Bock (epidemiological oncology); Prof. Paris Avgeriou (computing science); Dr. Marco Harmsen (medical microbiology); and Dr. Erik de Vries (nuclear medicine) for collaboration with USP, and Prof. Harrie Kampinga (cell biology) with his counterpart at UFRGS. With Prof. van Elsas, Groningen now has six scientists with an approved Special Visiting Researcher grant.

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