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NWO grants awarded to three Arts researchers

16 september 2013

Three researchers from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen have been awarded NWO grants for their internationalization projects.

Television Histories In (Post)Socialist Europe

Dr D. Mustata will receive up to EUR 36,000 for her internationalization project entitled Television Histories In (Post)Socialist Europe. The project aims to set up (post)socialist television history as a new area of research in television studies. It provides a collaborative framework for scholars who have done pioneering work on (post)socialist television histories in Europe to develop themes of research, methods and theories that are specific to the empirical realities of this European region.  The project will look closely into how television has challenged state politics and reconfigured the geography of Cold War Europe and of the enlarged Europe. The network is being coordinated by Dana Mustata from the Centre of Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen. The other participating institutions are the University of Southern California (USA), Södertörn University (Sweden), Charles University (Czech Republic) and Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary).

More information

Dr D. Mustata (f), RUG – Journalistic Culture and Media

Degree Zero of Sound and Image: Creation before the Act, c. 1000-1700

Dr B.S. Hellemans will receive up to EUR 44,000 for her internationalization project entitled Degree Zero of Sound and Image: Creation before the Act, c. 1000-1700. This project examines the creative moment and the emergence of form that precede materialization. The project addresses the topic of creation by exploring the interrelationship between movement and stillness, silence and sound, early and late style, in order to identify debates about production and reproduction of cultural meaning in a period of great change and novelty, between the beginnings of the medieval intellectual tradition and the Enlightenment. The project will be launched in Autumn 2013 and will run for three years. Dr Babette Hellemans is the project leader of this project. The other participating insitutions are the EHESS in Paris, the University of Burgundy, the Institut Français in Frankfurt and NIAS Wassenaar.

More information

Dr B.S. Hellemans (f), RUG – Medieval History

Frontiers of Language Variety

Prof. J. Nerbonne will receive up to EUR 30,000 for his internationalization project entitled Frontiers of Language Variety. This project, conducted within the Center for Language and Cognition, aims to study language variation by means of quantitative methods in order to gain a wider overview of social and geographical language variation. Language will be studied from a Humanities perspective, mainly as an expression of culture – the distribution of language variation will be analysed as the result of cultural diffusion. The project will pay particular attention to techniques of data gathering and corpus linguistics as well as to how the image of language variation may be distorted by typological limitations. The project will be led by John Nerbonne. The other Groningen team members are Charlotte Gooskens, Wilbert Heeringa, Nanna Hilton and Martijn Wieling. The other participating insitutions are the Hermann Paul Centrum für Linguistik at the University of Freiburg and the research unit ‘Quantitative Lexicology and Variational Linguistics’ at the University of Leuven.

More information

Prof. J. Nerbonne (m), RUG – Humanities Computing

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