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Professor Michael Schudson

Honorary doctor in Arts, University of Groningen, 2014
25 June 2013
Professor Michael Schudson

On Friday 13 June 2014 Michael Schudson, professor of Journalism at Columbia University, New York will receive an honorary doctorate of the University of Groningen, on occasion of the university’s 400 year anniversary. Honorary doctorates are presented to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to society, academia or politics.

Leading scholar in Journalism Studies

Professor Schudson is one of the world’s leading scholars and founders of the field of Journalism Studies. His pioneering and thought provoking research on the historical and contemporary development of journalism as an institution central to democracy has deeply influenced the study of journalism worldwide. His careful examination of news as a cultural product, focusing on journalistic norms and practices as well as social and narrative conventions, provided and continues to provides pathbreaking insights in the function of journalism in society. Working on the crossroads of media history, sociology and political communication, Schudson carefully questions and critically discusses commonly admitted truths about “a necessary institution we are not likely ever to love”.

Professor Marcel Broersma

“We are proud that professor Schudson is receiving this honorary doctorate because his work not only fundamentally changed the way we study journalism but also sharpens and makes us question our understanding of the role of journalism in democracy and modern society.”

Professor Marcel Broersma, Faculty of Arts

Programme June 2014

The Groningen Centre for Media and Journalism Studies will organize a conference on Michael Schudson’s work.

Conference "The Unlovable Press. Conversations with Michael Schudson"
June 16/17, 2014
Centre for Media and Journalism Studies

How should we study a necessary institution we are not likely ever to love?

Michael Schudsons pioneering and ground breaking research on the historical and contemporary development of journalism has inspired many scholars around the globe and helped lay the foundations for the growing field of journalism studies. His work on the crossroads of journalism history, sociology and political communication carefully discusses and critically questions commonly accepted truths about the unlovable press. Why is journalism a central institution in democracy? How is citizenship envisioned and what is journalisms role in this regard? Why did the objectivity norm arise in journalism? In what ways do social and narrative conventions prefigure the representation of reality in the news? And through which practices is news as a cultural form constructed?

Centre for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen is organizing this conference in honour of Michael Schudson who will receive an honorary doctorate on June 13, 2014. It invites scholars to critically engage with the work of Michael Schudson and these fundamental questions. More information to be found in the call for papers (deadline: March 1st, 2014)

Professor Michael Schudson

Michael Schudson

Michael Schudson (Milwaukee, USA, 1946) is professor of Journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University and Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Communication at the University of California, San Diego.

In his last book “Why Democracies Need an Unlovable Press”, Schudson emphasizes the importance of journalism for a healthy democracy. The viability of the profession is further discussed in the research report “The Reconstruction of American Journalism” that Schudson co-authored with former Washington Post editor Leonard Downie Jr.

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