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Introducing Questionmark Perception

20 March 2013

Computer-based tests are administered using two software packages: along with Nestor, the virtual learning environment of the University, we have also started using Questionmark Perception (QMP). After an extensive analysis of fifteen testing software packages, QMP has been picked as the most suitable program for the RUG. Each program was carefully evaluated using over 100 criteria, for example, how much time it would take to implement the software. Four software packages were selected to be used in a pilot program, in which actual tests were administered. QMP turned out to be the best software for the University. QMP has been developed since 1988, and it offers a very solid integration with Blackboard: student enrollment in a Nestor course is done by QMP, and after the exam has ended, scores are automatically placed in the Grade Center. Students can access a test from their regular Nestor course.

When compared to regular Blackboard tests, QMP offers a number of advantages: for example, all tests and item banks can be managed centrally, and exams can be imported from Word documents. QMP support is offered in two ways: central support is managed by ESI, and we are also in the process of training faculty staff, so they can offer local support to instructors.

The first QMP tests will be administered by the Faculty of Medical Sciences in May 2013. After that, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences will also join the QMP program.

By: André Rosendaal

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