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First Aspasia Lecture on 11 April

New lecture series
18 January 2013

The first edition of the annual Aspasia Lecture will be held on 11 April 2013 by Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield, UK).

Women in Philosophy

The Aspasia Lecture is an initiative to celebrate and promote the position of women in philosophy, and in academia more generally. It is organized by the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen in the context of the NWO Aspasia program, which aims at increasing the representation of women in the higher ranks of academia. The Aspasia Lecture is organized in cooperation with Studium Generale and the Centre for Philosophy and Society.

Aspasie au milieu des philosophes de la Grèce (Michel Corneille le Jeune)
Aspasie au milieu des philosophes de la Grèce (Michel Corneille le Jeune)


Aspasia was a Greek philosopher who lived from 470 to 410 BC. She was born in Miletus, and moved to Athens as a young woman, where she played a prominent role in the public and intellectual life of the city as one of the most prominent hetairai of her time (hetairai were highly educated free women who actively engaged in intellectual debates and public life -- the only women to have such a position at the time). According to some sources (Plato, Plutarch), she taught rhetoric, and Socrates may have been one of her students.

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