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Study Abroad Photo Contest winner: Depicting the world map

14 December 2012

Every year many students of the Faculty of Economics and Business go abroad to study at one of our many international partners. FEB organizes an annual photo contest where student submit their pictures that represent their exchange experience. This year's edition was won bij Lisette Verheij, student of International Business.

Lisette She went to Dijon (France). "This picture* was taken from the city hall in Dijon", she says. "We tried to represent the world with ropes. All the international students living in Dijon took part; every student is holding a piece, forming the edges of the continents."

For Lisette is represents studying abroad in two ways: "Firstly, it is the cooperation between all international students, seeing them coming together for a purpose. And secondly, I think the combination of 'making' the world with all the international students shows the idea behind studying abroad, with so many students from all over the world in one place."

"Your whole life changes"

Overall Lisette is really enthousiastic about her international experience: "I think it is an opportunity missed if students do not go abroad. Even though Dijon is not that far away, your whole life changes in this period. Different cultures, different languages, another university, and so many new people. I had a great time, meeting so many different students." "I would certainly recommend every student to study abroad. Even when you don't want to go to another continent, the experience overall is still amazing, I think you can have fun in every exchange town, small or big! I certainly would do it all over again if given the opportunity!"


Study Abroad Winning Picture
Study Abroad Winning Picture
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