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PhD: Managing information over the asset life-cycle

13 November 2012

The thesis of Jan Braaksma aims to improve information management for the maintenance of (capital) assets. Maintenance has an important role in assuring the integrity of assets and thus in assuring the reliability, safety and sustainability of these assets.

Braaksma investigates the use of FMEA for development of maintenance concepts in the process industry. Information management problems are identified and analysed.

Managing information over the asset life-cycle turns out to be complicated and costly. It is concluded in this thesis that feedback on asset information used in FMEAs should be improved. Moreover, asset information on critical assets should be managed differently from information on other assets.

This results in proposals to enhance the effectiveness of asset information procedures for FMEA-based maintenance. A quantitative tool is developed to improve the repeatability of FMEA procedures. A new procedure, Maintenance Feedback Analysis is proposed to improve feedback on FMEAs and maintenance concepts. Additionally, causes for the lack of pervasiveness of asset information standards are identified by comparing the process industry with aerospace industry.

This comparison suggests directions to improve the adoption of asset information standards in the process industry. In particular, the industry should agree on practical standards and governments should promote their use. Together these proposals on asset information management may increase the use of FMEA and thereby the evolvement of maintenance concepts. This may advance the integrity and operational performance of capital assets in a cost effective manner.

Curriculum vitae
Jan Braaksma (1980) conducted his research at the FEB and will be awarded his PhD on 15 November (12.45pm) by thesis supervisors J.C. Wortman and G.J.C.G. Gaalman. Thesis title is: Asset information for FMEA-based maintenance. Currently Braaksma is lecturer in engineering at the University of Twente.

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