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LifeLines project welcomed its 100 000 participant

19 October 2012

The nine year old Yannicken Vierveijzer was the 100 000th participant who joined the LifeLines project - currently the largest medical research project in the Netherlands on 19th September. Lifelines aims to gather impressive volumes of genotype and phenotype data for 165 000 participants in the coming 30 years and use it to advance our knowledge of what factors play major role in the development of diseases that aggravate aging processes. Yannicken's grandmother was the first to sign up for the study. Her daughter followed and not much later she brought her daughters - Yannicken and her two sisters to the LifeLines research center. The possibilities to study successive generations with very similar genetic make-up provides exciting opportunities for exploring the onset of chronic diseases and how external factors influence it. Lifelines is closely collaborating with Target on the development of scalable and secure database environment that will allow researchers to gain access to this valuable data in the years to come.

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