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TTA talent Award for the 10 most talented economics and business students at FEB

27 September 2012
At the Careers Week, a considerable number of students from the FEB took the TTA test, which allows students to compare themselves with global top talents from MIT, Harvard, Oxford and other top universities via online testing. The 10 most talented high potentials were selected and celebrated yesterday at the TTA Talent Award ceremony, by FEB dean prof. dr. Harry Garretsen. One FEB talent, Eline de Vries, even ranked in the top 20% of the Global Talent Pool.

Wahe Tigranyan,  Martin Grebhahn, Melanie Hekwolter of Hekhuis, Eline de Vries, Harry Garretsen (FEB dean), Niek Wiltjer, Jan Rase, Stan Graumans, Rob Graumans, Jelle Thole and Geertje Dam (TTA)  Not in the picture: Jaap de Vries.
Wahe Tigranyan,  Martin Grebhahn, Melanie Hekwolter of Hekhuis, Eline de Vries, Harry Garretsen (FEB dean), Niek Wiltjer, Jan Rase, Stan Graumans, Rob Graumans, Jelle Thole and Geertje Dam (TTA)  Not in the picture: Jaap de Vries.

The “TTA World Talent Pool” allows students to be ranked based on their entire profile, from The Big Five Personality test to the University they attend. The profile rankings are dynamic, being updated on a daily basis. The FEB students who won a Talent Award were compared with more than 5,000 Global Talents from over 500 universities and 127 nationalities.

Tthe 10 winners at FEB are: Wahe Tigranyan (Master’s in Finance), Martin Grebhahn (Pre-Master’s in Marketing), Melanie Hekwolter of Hekhuis (Master’s in International Economics and Business), Eline de Vries (PhD student in Consumer Behaviour), Niek Wiltjer (Master’s in Finance), Jan Rase (Bachelor’s in International Business), Stan Graumans (Business Economics and Econometrics & Operations Research), Rob Graumans,  Jelle Thole (Economics and Physics) and Jaap de Vries (Bachelor’s in Business Economics).

Most of the top 10 FEB talents already have their own company. Wahe Tigranyan is running his own company for a little over a year and Niek Wiltjer started his own company, with “three good friends” five years ago. Jan Rase has the position of Executive at IamCLEAN, a non-profit project from SIFE RuG (Students in Free Enterprises) and Jaap de Vries is already working for ING. Some students also pursue two study programmes at once: Jelle Thole and Martin Grebhahn.

Two of the winners share the “talent gene”: the brothers Stan and Rob Graumans. Stan has an Entrepreneurial Talent, a Leadership Talent and an Inspiring Talent. Rob, the older brother is a Strategic Talent, so he has opposite talents compared to Stan. “I think you could be an excellent team”, remarked Geertje Dam of TTA. A year ago Rob and a friend started their own company for mobile phone applications development.

Extracurricular activities are almost the norm for the top 10 FEB talents. Melanie Hekwolter of Hekhuis, for example, doing a Master’s of Honours College. Melanie has a Strategic Talent, which is very interesting to have in companies, “where you sometimes have to be the bridge builder between risky new projects and the business that is already going on”, explains Geertje Dam of TTA World.

Global Top Talent
One FEB talent is ranked in the top 20% of the Global Talent Pool: Eline de Vries, PhD student in Consumer Behaviour at FEB. She has only one talent, the Strategic Talent. Nevertheless her talent is a very unique and focused one. Eline’s Strategic Talent is a rare combination of efficiency drive and innovation force. This talent allows her to take calculated risks and be focused on today’s facts and figures. Eline is almost done with her PhD. “If you are looking for challenges, then you should definitely start a PhD.”, said Eline. She also revealed her plans for the future: “After my PhD I would like to make the shift towards business, so this award is a clue that I might have potential there.”

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