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Successful opening of FEB - EBF Academic Year. Pictures and Award Winners online!

07 september 2012
6 September 2012
Opening Academic Year

The festive opening of the new academic year of FEB and EBF was a big succeess! On Thursday 6 September 2012 the Faculty and EBF study association celebrated the opening of a special year, because we have reached a milestone: the newly merged FEB and EBF exist five years!

  • Leadership Panel Marc Bolland, Chief Executive Marks & Spencer, and FEB graduate
  • Leadership Panel Jeroen Smit, author, professor of Journalism and FEB graduate
  • Debate, drinks and lustrum exposition

► See some pictures of the opening in this album

As an important part of the festive opening ceremony, the FEB awards for best lecturer, best new lecturer, best thesis and best freshman were presented. Congratulations to all winners!

Thesis of the Year award 2012:

Klaas van der Veen
Thesis: The Impact of Successive Short-Term Reward Programs on Turnover in Retailing: an Empirical Research Study Using Longitudinal Data

Freshman of the Year:
Gijs Schoutens, Economics and Business Economics. His average grade: 9,53!

Lecturer of the Year award 2012:

Prof.dr. H.J. de Jong
Professor of economic history

"During my own studies I was very much inspired by one of my predecessors, professor Henri Baudet", De Jong says, "an economic historian who never stopped asking questions. He taught me the academic attitude which is not just about giving answers, but trying to pose the right questions. Whenever it is possible I prefer to organize my teaching in a seminar-setting with students writing essays and having presentations and discussions. Much better than just reading textbooks!"

Newcomer of the Year award 2012: M.J. Gijsenberg
Course Advanced Market Research

"To me, studying is not so much about getting a certain grade", Gijsenberg says, "but much more about acquiring knowledge and skills which are both interesting as such and useful in a person’s (professional) life. It is not about learning things by heart, but rather about understanding concepts and methods, and putting them into practice. As a teacher, I see myself as a guide and coach on this journey, helping students to acquire this knowledge and skills, and discover things by themselves through active participation and interaction where and when possible."

De Jong
De Jong
Van der Veen
Van der Veen
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