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Hans van Koningsbrugge appointed Professor of the History and Politics of Russia, in particular Dutch-Russian Relations

31 August 2012

On 1 September 2012, Dr Hans van Koningsbrugge became professor by special appointment in the History and Politics of Russia, in particular Dutch-Russian Relations. The chair is sponsored by the NV Nederlandse Gasunie.

Hans van Koningsbrugge
Hans van Koningsbrugge

Russia and the Netherlands have maintained political and economic relations since the 17th century. It is safe to say that many Dutch people, at least up until 1917, were actively involved in the modernization of the Russian state. Commercial considerations often played a dominant role in this. After the Cold War, interest began to increase again – culturally, scientifically and commercially. Since 1991, the Russian Federation has been undergoing a radical transformation. One consequence of this is the dynamic state of the empirical study of and theoretical approach to the Russian political system. This also applies to the new Russian search for an own identity. The new chair for Van Koningsbrugge will pay particular attention to the political and economic developments from a Dutch perspective, and, within that framework, to the decision-making processes and mechanisms in Russia in the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly with regard to international cooperation.

Hans van Koningsbrugge (Oudenbosch, 1959) studied history at Leiden University, where he gained his PhD in 1996. He joined the University of Groningen in 1990 as a university lecturer, and in 2003 he became Reader. Van Koningsbrugge is also a guest lecturer at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael and the Netherlands Defence College Rijswijk. Van Koningsbrugge is also Director of the Centre for Russian Studies at the University of Groningen and of the Netherlands-Russia Centre.

Click the link for more information about Hans van Koningsbrugge.

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