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Econometrics student Julieke Hoetz graduates summa cum laude with an average mark of 9

10 April 2012

With the exceptional addition 'summa cum laude' Julieke Hoetz received her Master's degree in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (EORAS) of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of the University of Groningen. She obtained this special qualification for a mark 9 on both her thesis and the other courses of the Master's programme. Since she completed her Master, Julieke Hoetz works at ING.

Julieke Hoetz
Julieke Hoetz

"It's a very special performance," says thesis supervisor Professor Ruud Koning, "Only nines on all her master's courses. The predicate summa cum laude is therefore entirely justified." Julieke wrote her thesis on early repayment of mortgages. "A very important problem for banks," says Koning. "Right now there are fewer transactions on the housing market, and therefore it is important that repayments are correctly estimated. The new model that Julieke developed is a nice balance between what is theoretically desirable on the one hand, and what is practical on the other. This tradeoff is very difficult, and Julieke has made the right choices, on her own. The model will lead to other decisions, and therefore has important significance for the bank."

Cum laude and summa cum laude

A student of the University of Groningen is eligible for the accolade summa cum laude if he or she attains a minimum mark of 9 for both the thesis and as an average for all the coursework (or 8 for cum laude). All marks must be above 7 and the student must pass every course at the first attempt.

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