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New book on energy law

15 March 2012

Energy Networks and the Law: Innovative Solutions in Changing Markets

This new book has been published by Oxford University Press. It is edited by Martha Roggenkamp and colleagues from Canada, the US and Spain. Roggenkamp is professor of Energy Law at the University of Groningen, Director of the Groningen Centre of Energy Law, and board member of the Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme. Among the contributors is Olivia Woolley, post doc researcher at the Groningen Centre of Energy Law.

This book investigates the challenges that face governments engaged in this renewal, particularly since in many cases these networks are, by necessity, international. The construction of new networks always involves the application of planning and environmental laws, and the complications these pose only increase as networks pass through the territory of several different countries. This book analyzes the evolution of this area from several angles, both geographical and legal.

The authors combine knowledge and expertise from a variety of sources and backgrounds to present an invaluable overview of the regulatory developments and perspectives that shape the legal frameworks in which governments develop these networks, and the way in which account must be taken of new sources of energy by law-makers.

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