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Professionele ontwikkeling van een wiskundedocent

een casusbeschrijving
01 februari 2012

Van Martha Witterholt, vakdidacticus en onderzoeker bij de Lerarenopleiding, is in januari jl. een artikel geaccepteerd voor het vaktijdschrift Teaching and Teacher Education (TATE) met als titel:

The Interconnected Model of Professional Growth as a means to assess the development of a mathematics teacher.

Co-auteurs: Martin Goedhart (FWN), Cor Suhre (GMW, Lerarenopleiding) en Anne van Streun (emiritus hoogleraar FWN).

In this qualitative study we used a case study approach to observe and analyse a mathematics teacher who was challenged to redesign her lessons during network meetings with colleagues. Changes in practical knowledge are described by means of concept maps and semi-structured interviews. We applied cycles of change from the Interconnected Model of Professional Growth to describe the teacher’s professional development. We show that the teacher’s  practical knowledge changes in the domain of practical content knowledge, and that controlled experimentation and reflection are necessary conditions to learn a new teaching strategy and  to develop a series of lessons for pupils.

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