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Evaluation of knowledge claims in organizations

16 February 2012
Kristian Peters
Kristian Peters

Innovation is of vital importance for many organizations. Organizations innovate to benefit from the introduction or application of new ideas, processes, products or procedures. Examples of benefits are gaining (more) profit, providing better services and producing new sustainable products. In order to innovate, organizations have to create, evaluate, transfer and apply knowledge. Knowledge Management offers insights into how organizations innovate through knowledge creation, transfer and application.

Little is known about the way organizations evaluate what constitutes valid knowledge. Kristian Peters refers to this underexposed activity as knowledge claim evaluation.

The literature review reveals three theoretical approaches: the Open approach, the Managerial approach and the Entrepreneurial approach. Each approach offers an alternative explanation of how organizations should evaluate knowledge claims. Nevertheless, they have difficulties to explain knowledge claim evaluation in real-life innovation settings. In an attempt to fill this gap, this thesis explores a new theoretical approach based on informal argumentation theory, and presents three case studies of innovation projects. The companies and innovation programs involved in the research are Siemens Building Technology (Switzerland), GEON (Netherlands) and KodA (Netherlands).

Curriculum vitae

Kristian Peters (Leeuwarden, 1983) studied business and conducted his PhD research at the Faculty of Economics and Business. He is currently lecturer at the department of Innovation Management & Strategy. He will be awarded his PhD on 23 Februari (12.45pm, Aula Academy Building). His thesis supervisors are prof.dr. R.J.J.M. Jorna and prof.dr. R.J.F. van Haren. The thesis title is 'Argument and innovation: Theoretical and empirical explorations in knowledge claim evaluation'.

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