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New idea for simplifying Higgs analysis

20 January 2012
Daniël Boer
Daniël Boer

If the long-expected Higgs particle is indeed discovered by the LHC then how will we know for certain that it possesses the characteristics predicted by the Standard Model of elementary particles? Speculations about extensions of the Standard Model, such as supersymmetrical extensions, often contain several Higgs bosons. These not only differ in mass but also in their behaviour under spatial reflections, for example. Measurements of complex angular distributions of the decay products could be used to determine that behaviour. However, a simpler way could be to examine the momentum distribution of the Higgs-like particle. This new idea has been proposed in an article by KVI Professor Daniël Boer and co-authors, which was published today by the renowned journal Physical Review Letters.

The research was carried out under the leadership of Daniël Boer in collaboration with the VU University Amsterdam and the universities of Tübingen and Cagliari within the FOM programme 'Theoretical particle physics in the era of the LHC'.

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Daniël Boer, Wilco J. den Dunnen, Cristian Pisano, Marc Schlegel, Werner Vogelsang
Linearly Polarized Gluons and the Higgs Transverse Momentum Distribution
Physical Review Letters 108, 032002 (2012).

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