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JBI Colloquium, Prof.dr. Barbara M. Terhal

07 december 2011

Join us for coffee and tea at 15.45 p.m.

Date: Wednesday, December 7th 2011
Speaker: Prof.dr. Barbara M Terhal
Technical University in Aachen,
Institute for Quantum Information, Germany
Room: 5161.0267 (Bernoulliborg)
Time: 16.15

Title: Quantum Complexity Theory



We will discuss the model of quantum computation and the important
differences between quantum and classical computation. We discuss what could be
the possible uses of a quantum computer as well as its limitations. We then review
the construction by Kitaev showing that a quantum (or matrix) version of the
satisfiability problem is quantum NP or QMA-complete. We give an overview of more
recent advances in quantum complexity theory and discuss various open questions.

Colloquium coordinators Mathematics are Prof.dr. A.C.D. van Enter (e-mail : and Dr. A.V. Kiselev (e-mail:

Colloquium coordinators Computer Science are Prof.dr. M. Aiello (e-mail: ) and Prof.dr. M. Biehl (e-mail: )
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