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Professor Bert de Brock in Advisory Committee eScience Center

13 December 2011
Bert de Brock
Bert de Brock

Bert de Brock, professor of Business Information Modelling at the FEB has entered the Advisory Committee of the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC). This center supports and reinforces multidisciplinary and data-intensive research through creative and innovative use of ICT in all its manifestations (eScience). NLeSC is an initiative of NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and SURF (the collaborative organisation for higher education institutions and research institutes aimed at breakthrough innovations in ICT). 

NLeSC facilitates collaboration between universities, institutions, and businesses and aims to change scientific practice by making large-scale data analysis possible across multiple disciplines. Therefore, the Center works with partners such as SARA, BigGrid, NBIC, academic institutes such as CWI, and commercial technology providers.

Focus is on promoting collaboration between researchers in different disciplines: Large quantities of data are often analysed within only a single research domain. As a result, many possibilities are left unexplored, and major breakthroughs fail to materialise.Through the use of innovative ICT technologies, research can now rise above the level of those separate disciplines and explore complex cohesive systems. This will generate new insights into the right specifications for standards and software that can act as aids, thus increasing the likelihood of new breakthroughs in research.

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