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Defense Jornt Mandemakers, December 9, 2011, in Tilburg

06 oktober 2011

On December 9, at 12.15 hours, Jornt Mandemakers will defend his dissertation in the auditorium of Tilburg University. The title of his dissertation is Socio-economic differentials in the impact of life course transitions on well-being.

Major setbacks in life affect well-being. This dissertation examines to what extent the impact of major setbacks differs by one’s socio-economic position. More specifically, this dissertation investigates the impact of five life course transitions on well-being and psychological distress: parental divorce, one’s own divorce, becoming disabled, involuntary job loss, and the death of a parent.

People know from personal experience or through their social circle that these transitions may have a large impact on well-being. Most people, however, do not expect socio-economic variation in these effects.

This dissertation shows in five empirical studies using longitudinal data from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands that the psychological impact of major transitions depends on socio-economic status. Those higher on the socio-economic ladder suffer less from parental divorce, their own divorce, becoming disabled, and job loss than those lower on the socio-economic ladder. These new findings contribute to a greater understanding of the impact of major setbacks in different segments of society and offer greater insight in how social inequalities in mental health may come about.

Jornt Mandemakers is post doctoral researcher ICS / Sociology in Groningen, since September 1, 2011.

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