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"Demanding universities to shift focus to short-term and practical economic goals is not the solution", says prof Dolfsma

05 september 2011

Universities in a Knowledge-based Economy:  minding the Long Term
by: Prof.dr. Wilfred Dolfsma

"In this time of severe budget cuts, the theme of the upcoming opening of the faculty’s new academic year is appropriately focusing on the role of universities in the knowledge-based economy. Universities are increasingly called on by politicians and the public to show what exactly they contribute to the economy, ‘here and now’. But demanding universities to mind short-term economic and business goals is not the solution. A university’s added value lies in serving the country and the economy in the long term. More and more immediate transfer of knowledge from university to society is needed, though, and it is possible too."

Read the entire blog of professor Dolfsma on the FEBlog

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