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€ 210.000 for research on sustainability and energy in historical perspective by economist Ben Gales

07 July 2011

NWO - the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research – decided to fund the project Historical Roots of the Dutch Sustainability Challenge: The Impact of the Utilization of Material Resources on the Modernization of Dutch Society, 1850-2010. NWO awards 210.000 euro. Ben Gales of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) is responsible for the PhD subproject Transitions in energy and synthetics. He will also be involved in the Synthesis which will end the project by the end of 2016.

Climate change

The project will look at sustainability problems in a historical perspective, thus in the long run, and contrast actual problems with old and sometimes solved ones. The problems will be analysed by focusing upon material flows in the economy. The Groningen project will highlight energy, its transformation and the economic context (materials intensity; decoupling of energy use and economic growth). Depletion, energy loss, various emissions, climate change are the sustainability issues to address. 


The principal applicant of the project is Johan Schot of Eindhoven University of Technology.The CBS - Netherlands Statistics – is the other institutional partner.Jan Pieter Smits, who till recently worked at the FEB, and R. Hoekstra supervise within the CBS the Monitor Duurzaam Nederland, the Sustainability Monitor of the Netherlands, and are team members.

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