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SOM research performance awards for Yu Shu, Umed Temurshoev, Robbert Maseland and Peter Leeflang

28 June 2011
SOM’s Scientific Director Tammo Bijmolt presented the 2010 SOM awards today, 28 June 2011. With the four different awards, SOM wants to reward research performance, from students and senior fellows alike. Shu Yu is the winner of the Award for Best Graduate of the Research Master, Umed Temurshoev of the award for best PhD Thesis, Robbert Maseland for Outstanding Junior Researcher and Peter Leeflang won the award for Outstanding Researcher.

The jury consists of Tammo Bijmolt, Erik Dietzenbacher, Dirk Pieter van Donk, Robert Lensink, Taco van der Vaart, Wilfred Dolfsma, Bob Fennis and Gerben van der Vegt. The SOM Board acts as the jury for the Outstanding Researcher Award.
Yu Shu, Umed Temurshoev, Robbert Maseland and Peter Leeflang
Yu Shu, Umed Temurshoev, Robbert Maseland and Peter Leeflang

Beste Research Master Graduate
Shu Yu, the winner of the Best Graduate of the Research Master Economics & Business is awarded 1000 euro's. She was selected on the criteria: Graduated in 2010, Excellent performance and Graduated in time. Yu is also a graduate of the Double Degree BSc Programme with Fudan. Her master thesis 'The Effect of Trust on Trade: When does it no longer matter?', supervised by Jakob de Haan and Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, was awarded with grade 9. Since she obtained an average grade of 8.3 on all courses, she graduated cum laude.

Best PhD Thesis
The award of 1500 euro is for Umed Temurshoev, for his thesis 'Interdependencies. Essays on cross-shareholdings, social networks, and sectoral linkages', supervised by Erik Dietzenbacher. Temurshoev was awarded his PhD on 18 March 2010. The jury awarded the thesis because amongst others it contains a single-authored top publication, two other publications and has one high potential unpublished chapter. The subject is highly relevant across various disciplines and he uses theoretically novel aspects.

Outstanding Junior Researcher
The 2000 euro prize for junior researcher is awarded to Robbert Maseland. He obtained his PhD degree in 2006, already published two top publications and various other high quality publications, including a co-authored monograph published by Cambridge University Press. He is also the winner of the Gratama Award 2011.

Outstanding Researcher
Peter Leeflang, Frank M. Bass Professor of Marketing at the FEB, was awarded 2500 euro by the SOM Board for his life-time performance.Indicators of his quality are:

- (part-time) chair at LUISS Guido Carli of Rome
- (part-time) chair at Aston Business school (UK)
- Numerous publications in top journals (6 in 2011)
- Former Dean of Faculty of Economics and Pro-rector RUG
- Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
- President of the European Marketing Academy
- Vice-President of EIASM Board
- Academic Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) in Boston
Leeflang will deliver his valedictory Lecture: September 19, 2011.

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