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Dr. Jaap Wieringa wins University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year Web Award!

04 februari 2011

On Thursday afternoon 3 February 2011 nine lecturers from the University of Groningen competed for the title of Best Lecturer 2010. Rob den Otter (medical sciences) received the Best Lecturer Award 2010 and also won the Audience Award. FEB's Jaap Wieringa won the Web Award: he received 25 percent of all internet votes and won a notebook computer.

VIDEO of the lecture: "Marketing, modellen en medicijnen " (wmv)

The award was established by the Board of the University of Groningen in 2008 to further emphasize the importance of good teaching and excellent lecturers. A jury consisting of students and academics, chaired by the Rector Magnificus, Professor Frans Zwarts, decided who would become Lecturer of the Year 2010. They judged the nine candidates based on the faculty nominations regarding teaching performance and on a brief lecture given on Thursday 3 February. Dr. Jaap Wieringa was the candidate of the Faculty of Economics and Business, because he was the winner of the FEB Lecturer of the Year Award.

[See FEB news 1 October 2010: "Dr. Jaap Wieringa is FEB Lecturer of the Year"]

The audience in the Geertsemazaal in the Academy Building voted for the University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year Audience Award, alongside the main award. Viewers via internet voted for the University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year Web Award, which went to Jaap Wieringa.

Members of the Jury
Rector Magnificus F. Zwarts (chair), Prof. G.C. Wakker (Committee of Deans), Prof. J.P. Franke (University Committee for Education), Dr. J.W. Romeijn (2009 winner), J. van Dijk (student member of the University Council Presidium), T. Wijnmaalen (University Student Policy Commission), T. Beudeker (chair of the Teaching, Science and Internationalization Committee)

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