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PhD Defense Michael Mäs - November 15

26 oktober 2010
November 15, at 14.45 hours, in the Academiegebouw in Groningen, Michael Mäs will defend his thesis The Diversity Puzzle. Explaining Clustering and Polarization of Opinions.

This book is concerned with explaining the dynamics that social influence causes in groups. Under what conditions will the members of a group find a consensus? Is it possible that homogeneous groups split up into clusters with opposing opinions? Why do groups sometimes polarize in the sense that differences between subgroups increase over time?

Existing theories imply that social influence causes convergence cascades which eventually end up with perfect uniformity. Empirical evidence, however, shows that opinion diversity often remains stable and can actually increase over time. In this book, we developed theories that can explain polarization and clustering of opinions besides social influence. We analyzed agent-based computational models of these theories to demonstrate under which conditions the theories predict polarization and clustering. We also reported results from experimental tests of one of the new theories.

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